Living Loving Dying Blues

by Lu Mountain



The people walk and talk their life away
The people walk and talk and cry and pray
When God has left, is when they want him to stay
And I’m the same I walk inside their shoes
And I’m the same I live inside their blues
I’m just like them, don’t know what I should do

This train keeps moving so I go along
missed my stop, thought that’s where I belonged
maybe someday I’ll find a place to right my wrong

oh oh love I stole you like a little girl
oh oh love I lost ya like god has lost the world
and I know now what a shame to lose a pearl

This game is over I played my best of hand
you turned me over on your frying pan
and I saw it coming like waves upon the sand
Hey Hey Baby don’t fight, don’t push, don’t shove
I love you baby, I had you in my blood
Your love was like a knife, and I had to feel your cut

oh like the honey
I burned to light my tree
oh like the money
I spent for feeling free
they all caught up
to sink me in their sea

oh sister think death is best for me
tonight is cold and dark as I can see
gonna throw these cards that made a wreck of me

I sing to leave, I sing to come along
I sing to think, but feel like thinking’s wrong
when everything I thought has left me, left me dead and gone.

maybe one day I’ll find my lost old head
Maybe one day I’ll crawl into that bed
I made it so good, why’d I leave it good for dead.

These blues have walked up and left me in their shoes
These blues have knocked up all my names and dues
I wanted more but now more is more than I can use


Written and performed by KimberlyJean, accompanied by JC Ortiz



all rights reserved


Lu Mountain Orinda, California

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